Nike deals with athletes

Here is a list of athletes who make more money from the endorsement deals they sign.

Despite his loss at the U. In however, Roger Federer made more from endorsements.

LeBron James

Net worth. However, he makes his big bucks off the court.

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  • Cristiano Ronaldo & Nike.

Fun Fact: Tiger Woods has been ranked 1 in the world a total of weeks. The win also brought him a step closer to tying the record of most Championship wins. But much like his rival, most of his money comes from outside tennis. Soccer megastar Cristiano Ronaldo and sports apparel giant Nike are now bonded for life.

Nike will stop penalizing its female athletes for getting pregnant

As social media and influencer marketing growth chart below have skyrocketed in recent years e. Facebook commands nearly an hour average of its soon to be 2B users ; YouTube users watch 1 billion hours of video each day , many marquee brands have doubled down on social media sponsorships involving individuals with a sizeable social audience i. While celebrities, athletes, and social media influencers also known as or referred to by platform-specific monikers including Instagrammers , YouTubers, Snapchatters, etc.

Karl Kani: Take Away All of Nike's Black Athletes, Where Would They Be?

Typically, traditional celebrities TV, movie, music and athletes build their acclaim from the medium where they originated. Movie stars like Hugh Jackman or pop stars like Ariana Grande found success first and primarily through the big screen, TV, radio, or other non-social media means.

As their popularity grew, audiences fond of their work would follow their favorite celebrities on social eager to see and follow their whereabouts.

Nike to end financial penalties for pregnant athletes - report

In contrast, digital or social media influencers acquire their audiences distinctly and almost solely through social media use and engagement. The lines between celebrities and social media influencers, however, are blurring.

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As audiences are increasingly shifting their attention, time spent , and habits towards digital specifically online video, streaming , and social media platforms , brands, publishers, and celebrities alike are realizing the importance of owning a strong online presence e. Related Post: Brand Ambassadors vs. Celebrities vs. Influencers — Which Is Best?